Friday, 15 May 2009

Here goes the HiJet Mission

Went to collect our nobel steed from Tree's house to work on it at my house. Got it home to find it doesn't fit in the garage. So I am back to the old ways of long cold days outside.

The van is now my new daily driver and I am really falling in love with the old girl. Lacks urgency which is not an issue as the brakes are nothing special.

Apaprt from that all is well. Has so far been washed and also had an oil change. Doing some man-in-a-van work in exchange for some donations over the next few days which is fun. Talking of which I need to hurry up as I want to get a bacon sarnie from the cafe on the way and i am going to be late.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


We have just returned from an epic weekend where we collected our vehicle for the Charity Adventure

A W-Reg Dihatsu Hijet. For those, like me, who don't follow the Japanese Mini-Van scene its much like the Scooby Doo van but with a less bohemian paintjob. Talking of paint jobs our van is in desperate need of a lick of paint. The van is currently sporting 6 shades of blue paint and has more dents than something really denty.

Pics will follow, and so with the updates as I am reminded of the sub-adventures that were had during the weekend. Like for example the genuine John Deere ride on mower found whilst cleaning out Tree's garage (the new home for the Hijet). I must have spent a good 30 minutes trying to get that thing started. I even went to the point of trying to jump start it off my own car.

I did leave the van with Tree's R6 parked inside but latest reports on the wire suggest none other than the Mower of Fail istelf is currently residing in the van.

Also like to send some beers in the direction of Mr Tom Welsh the website extrodinare who has made a very trick site.


I am pleased to announce our third and final team member - Miss Charlie Baldwin. No that was not a typo I did mean to write miss. We are taking a genuine female with us. I even have a picture to prove it -. Ok I do have the picture but I cant get hold of Tom (Rasta Mouse's Techie Guy) so I cant get the picture to work properly.

Ermmm.......yeah. Updates on the team. For anybody who know me/Tree it will come as no major surprise that we are at the same stage in terms of planning as we were in Christmas. Visas, passport renewal, route, vehicle are yet to eb sorted.

However, Charles is on the case and is making light work of the organisation of things. Me and Tree are quite oblivious to the preparation needed but I know our time will come when it comes to soting out the Chariot (which we still need to find).

To sumarise - Charlie is on board and the future is bright, the future is Green, Yellow and Red.

Bristol Knees Up

Camera cable has gone AWOL so pics may take a while to arrive but Josh and I have safely returned home from Bristol. I have anyway I assume hes made it home from the station.

In true Mongol Rally style the whole weekend went from bad to worse then to worser but it was worth it in the end. Somebody waited till the day before to book train tickets and they are now £80 lighter for it. For 2 tax-dodging students thats quite alot of monies.

Flooded tracks meant it took 3 hours to get from Coventry to Birmingham [for those not up to speed with Geography thats about a 15 minute journey]. After much moaning on my part we arrived in Bristol. Rang the hotel to ask for directions and we get this Aussie chap who couldn't find the ocean if he fell out of a boat. A lovely scenic trip around Bristol and some help from Saf-nav [thanks chap] and we arrived at The Arches Hotel.

A quick trip to Benny's Fried chicken and we were good to go. Several funny looks as we wondered down the Gloucester Road dressed as pirates carrying a parrot but its nothing we are not used to (the funny looks not the parrot, although the idea of a pet parrott does appeal to me and I am still trying to convince Josh to let me take one on the rally)

Spoke to many ralliers past and present so thanks to following -

Banna People

Girls of Slipstream

Man in yellow t-shirt who told us to go to Iran

Rob (cant remeber your team but your in one of our photos)

Chap who informed us about our new favourite country - Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (aka Transistia)

Monkey Man

Man Serving Tea in the Corner

Realised we got loads to sort out (plan route, renew passport, find car, fix car etc). But most importantly we had a jolly good time busting some shapes to some Ska dressed at pirates whilst stranded on a desert island. And who says you need drugs to have a good time......

Here goes nothing

It was 1.59pm. The registration page open with my pointer hovering over the 'refresh' button like a fly hovers over [are we allowed to use naughty words?]. The 14th hour had arrived and I had secured a place. As the good news spread whooping and cheering could be heard throughout the kingdom.

Modern technology has stream-lined the road to stupidity. Nobody was glancing over my shoulder so I didn't even need to pretend like I read the Terms & Conditions. A simple click and I had signed my life away.

With the insignificant aspect of my personal well-being brushed aside I pressed ahead with payment. Magic Beans are not an accepted currency for Google [News to me too] however after speaking to Andy & Tom (Slaves of the Master Adventurer) I was 600 gold coins lighter

What I have decided to do has only just dawned on me. Just had a look at an Atlas. Mongolia is pretty bloody far. If anybody gets through to that Genghis character tell him to put the kettle on......