Saturday, 4 April 2009

Here goes nothing

It was 1.59pm. The registration page open with my pointer hovering over the 'refresh' button like a fly hovers over [are we allowed to use naughty words?]. The 14th hour had arrived and I had secured a place. As the good news spread whooping and cheering could be heard throughout the kingdom.

Modern technology has stream-lined the road to stupidity. Nobody was glancing over my shoulder so I didn't even need to pretend like I read the Terms & Conditions. A simple click and I had signed my life away.

With the insignificant aspect of my personal well-being brushed aside I pressed ahead with payment. Magic Beans are not an accepted currency for Google [News to me too] however after speaking to Andy & Tom (Slaves of the Master Adventurer) I was 600 gold coins lighter

What I have decided to do has only just dawned on me. Just had a look at an Atlas. Mongolia is pretty bloody far. If anybody gets through to that Genghis character tell him to put the kettle on......

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