Saturday, 4 April 2009


I am pleased to announce our third and final team member - Miss Charlie Baldwin. No that was not a typo I did mean to write miss. We are taking a genuine female with us. I even have a picture to prove it -. Ok I do have the picture but I cant get hold of Tom (Rasta Mouse's Techie Guy) so I cant get the picture to work properly.

Ermmm.......yeah. Updates on the team. For anybody who know me/Tree it will come as no major surprise that we are at the same stage in terms of planning as we were in Christmas. Visas, passport renewal, route, vehicle are yet to eb sorted.

However, Charles is on the case and is making light work of the organisation of things. Me and Tree are quite oblivious to the preparation needed but I know our time will come when it comes to soting out the Chariot (which we still need to find).

To sumarise - Charlie is on board and the future is bright, the future is Green, Yellow and Red.

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